Company Overview
Xiamen Lai Leiki International Co.,Ltd its operations in 1996 with the Japanese market, and extended over the years strong business ties with other countries across the globe, in particular Europe and America. With hard work, great efforts and strong determination, Lai Leiki gained a leading position in the most important stone markets in Europe, especially in Germany.Lai Leiki's strength lies mainly in the success of the projects that have been launched together with famous architects and developers. The whole supply chain is under Lai Leiki's control, from the import and selection of stone blocks from various countries over the own production and quality control. Therefore Lai Leiki can focus and ensure that the quality of the goods produced is met to achieve the goal to be in alignment with the client's requirements. With their own portfolio of monuments, Lai Leiki earned great recognition from clients and due to its distinction in quality and reputation, Lai Leiki has become one of the leading companies in the stone industry.
Factory Equipment
Professional Team
Lai Leiki's strength lies mainly in the success of the projects that have been done together with famous architects and developers.

Our owned monument factory excels in high-end-quality products with skillful and exqui site workmanship that has earned great recognition from clients.

A highly motivated, multilingual team allows flexi bility and guarantees that the demands of all our customers are better met.

To further facilitate customers' needs we also have a talented group of certified Auto CAD tech nicians who will assist in every phase of projects.
Our Advantage
Our Mission
We will be China’s premium stone provider for global markets. We will achieve that by providing world-class service with fast & secure delivery as well as consistent premium-quality stone products at competitive and reliable prices.
We are the company in China that best understands the product, service and quality requirements of stone customers – globally !!